Common questions/myths about our service:

1. "Are you local?"

Yes, we’re local and nothing means more to us than serving Bixby. Bixby is our home—and it is our priority to make a difference in the lives of people by providing the very best in trash collection, recycling, and disposal.

2. "Do you have experience in the business?"

Yes, we have hauled trash in Tulsa for many years. As our founder, Kenny Burkett, likes to say...we are a company "big enough to serve you and small enough to know you." That means we’re a local company with a heart and passion for people in the local community, doing all we can to reduce waste and ensure a cleaner future for generations to come.

3."Does all my garbage have to be inside the container?" "How does the automated service work?"

You can have as many extra containers that you need. You do not have to pay for the initial container—we supply it—you are only paying for the service. The container is our property if/when you move.

4. "You don't take everything? "

Well, almost. Our trucks have a really strong arm that extends out and grabs the container, dumps it almost up-side-down, then sets it back down with the lid closed. The containers can handle 335 lbs before they bust out the sides; the arm cannot quite lift that much. Anything over approximately 250 lbs makes it very difficult for the arm to tip the can once it reaches the top. So our weight limit is 250 lbs.

5. "How does the automated service work? "

With automated service, there is a truck and a driver that come by to pick-up your trash. Therefore, most everything needs to be in a container. We understand that people are going to have an occasional box or extra bag because of a party or recent purchase or something of that nature, that's okay, if just occasionally. If you consistently have extra trash outside your container than we will recommend that you go up to two containers. It's that simple! Plus it's neater and easier for you too!! And, it helps keep the streets cleaner looking.

6. Why don't you have twice per week pick up?

Most cities nationwide are going to once per week pick-up due to fuel prices. A lot of people are worried about once a week pick-up. They say, "what if you miss that pick-up day, then we will have two weeks of trash built up?" Well, we can say that we very rarely miss; the only case where we might miss is if the road conditions are so terrible that it would be too dangerous to drive around a "20 ton bob-sled." And let's face it, it's extremely rare to get that kind of weather in Oklahoma. We can only count a few missed haul days since 1989 and it was for terrible road conditions. We have serviced Tulsa for many years and have many happy customers because of our consistent service. Another worry people have about once per week service is finding the space for multiple containers. Several of our current customers that have multiple containers leave one in their garage for their household trash and one in their backyard for yard clippings, boxes, etc. Neat and simple organization of trash!

7. Do you have online bill-pay or automatic draft?"

Set up auto-pay or paperless invoicing at our website http://www.americanwastecontrol.com/ or call our office at (918) 582-1147

8. Does my trash have to be bagged inside the container?

Yes, all trash and recyclables must be bagged and placed in your cart. The trash and recyclables go along for the same ride with no separate pickup days.

9. When can I start?

Whenever you want to. Most days we can deliver your container the day you call!! Just give us a try with no obligations.

“Conserving our environment… One customer at a time.”
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    As a locally owned and operated family of companies, American Waste Control, Tulsa Recycle & Transfer and American Environmental Landfill, we pride ourselves in being able to custom tailor our services to each individual customers waste disposal needs.

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