One Cart Recycling is Here, Bixby

One Cart Recycling is Here, Bixby

Save Money and the Environment

One cart recycling, gives you an easy way to save money and protect the environment.

Simply place all your loose recyclables into your city trash cart along with your bags of trash and wheel it out to the curb. We handle it all—including plastics #1 through #7.

One cart recycling will actually help you lower your total garbage costs. By placing recycling with your garbage, there’s no need to pay for an extra recycling service or recycling cart.

Quick Tips:

Make sure you bag your regular trash before placing them in cart; recyclables should remain loose.

Rinse food waste and other contaminates from your recyclables.

No need to remove labels, stables, envelope windows, or sticky notes.

Make sure items are recyclable before placing them loose in the cart.

For more information, just go to our website at or call 918-446-0023.